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    Infinity Trader Review

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    Infinity Trader is a program, launched to train individuals in the art of trading in financial assets. It promises to make them adept enough so that they can generate high returns.

    Is Infinity Trader Registered?

    Infinity Trader is supposedly based on the European continent. The details about its founders and strategy of imparting financial education and practice have been kept hidden. It was found that the company has not been registered with any legitimate authority.

    How Safe Is To Enroll In The Training Programs Of Infinity Traders?

    Unfortunately, Infinity Traders is not a training website. Upon submission of details, it redirects the user to a shady website that exists as an illegal brokerage entity. The company also charges a deposit of USD 250. People who registered with Infinity Traders have openly reported it and have expressed a threat to the sanctity of their personal and financial details. It is strongly recommended not to enter into any association with the company.

    What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By Infinity Trader?

    If you have been scammed by Infinity Trader or its associate trading platform, you can seek help from our consultation team that will guide you on how to protect yourself against such kind of fraudulent entities.


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