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    Infinity App Review

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    Infinity App is an online trading platform that facilitates traders to earn money by trading in binary options and promises profits on a daily basis.

    Is Infinity App regulated?

    Infinity App was launched by a former NASA engineer Mark Stevenson. Mark and he even promised upon the launch of this app to refund the money back to the traders in case they fail to make money as was stated in the app’s portfolio. The company is still unregulated despite it took 7 years to develop the app for automated forex trading.

    How Safe is It To Invest Your Money With The Infinity App?

    Unfortunately, the reviews available online for Infinity App are all negative. Many traders have complained about their money getting blocked with the app and no refund was made as was promised prior to their investing. It was discovered that the entity “Infinity App Enterprises” is nonexistent and that it posted fake and outdated trading results.

    What to Do If You Have Been Scammed By Infinity App?

    In case you have been scammed by Infinity App, we can help you by providing guidance on how to avoid getting scammed in the future. Also, the fund’s recovery companies listed with us can help you recover back your invested amount from Infinity App.


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