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    IGS Review

    Risk Index

    IGS is an energy service provider. The company assures clean energy services without any hassles and payment issues.

    Is IGS Regulated?

    IGS is supposedly based in the United Kingdom. It has kept information related to the founding team and headquarters for its operations private. In our investigation, we did not find any clue which could ascertain that the company is regulated by any legitimate authority.

    How Safe Is It To Utilize The Services Offered by IGS?

    IGS has been alleged to be a scam by its users. People have accused the company of cheating and fraud. They alleged the company for jeopardizing their financial interests. Therefore, engaging with the services of such a company is not advisable.

    How To Protect Yourself Against Scams And Subsequent Recovery Of Money From IGS?

    If you and your associates want to be vigilant against frauds, our consultation services on anti-scamming strategies can be really helpful for you. We can also help by guiding you in mitigation of risks against any unforeseen encounter with frauds. Moreover, the fund’s recovery companies listed with us can help to recover lost money from IGS.


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    How happy are you with the service of this company?