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    HotForex  Review

    Risk Index

    HotForex is a broker that offers a MetaTrader platform for its traders to trade in and it allows them to create six different types of accounts. The platform was formed in 2010 and offers CFD and cryptocurrency trading. 

    Is HotForex Regulated?

    There are no solid details available that could tell us about the regulation of HotForex. However, we have found several complaints against the company which leads us to believe that it is not legit. 

    Is It Safe For You To Invest With HotForex?

    We do not recommend you to invest with HotForex as according to our research, we believe that the company is not legitimate and that it would not be a smart option to put your money in their hands. 

    What Do You Do If HotForex Scams You?

    If you fall into the trap of HotForex’s scam, you can give us a call and our experts will give you tips on how to proceed further. You can also rely on one of the listed fund recovery companies that will get your funds back. 


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