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    HitBTC Review

    Risk Index

    HitBTC is known to be a broker for the trading of cryptocurrencies such as altcoins. The broker provides very flexible leverage and it lets the traders earn huge amounts of profits. 

    Is HitBTC Regulated?

    No, HitBTC is not regulated as we have found out that the company is not registered with any regulatory body. This leads us to conclude that the company is not legitimate. 

    Is It Safe For You To Make An Investment With HitBTC?

    No, we do not suggest you invest with the company as it is not at all safe to make an investment with a company that is unregulated and functions illegally. 

    What To Do If You Get Scammed By HitBTC?

    If HitBTC scams you, then you can give us a call and our experts will give you tips on how to go about with the procedure. You can also refer to the fund’s recovery companies that are listed with us to ensure that your money comes back into your hands. 


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