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    GoldmanCFD Review

    Risk Index

    GoldmanCFD claims to be a leading provider of Online Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading, spread betting, and other related services. It is owned by GOLDMANCFD Limited.

    Is GoldmanCFD Legit?

    According to the terms and conditions, GoldmanCFD is under the Estonian jurisdiction, however, it is not entitled to operate in Estonia, nor in Europe, or any regulated market in general. Moreover, the Italian regulator CONSOB has blacklisted GoldmanCFD in February 2019. Hence, it is not a legit company. 

    Is It Safe To Invest With GoldmanCFD?

    GoldmanCFD has been alleged to be a scamming entity. It has been rated negatively by many reviewers on different online platforms. Moreover, access to its website has also been blocked. Hence, it is recommended not to trade with GoldmanCFD.

    How To Prevent Yourself From Getting Scammed By GoldmanCFD?

    If you have been a victim of GoldmanCFD fraud, feel free to file a complaint against GoldmanCFD with any of the fund’s recovery companies listed with us. They will help you to get all your money back.


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