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    Global Service Group Review

    Risk Index

    Global Service Group is a debt collection company. It has maintained secrecy about its business operations.

    Is Global Service Group Regulated?

    Global Service Group is supposedly based in the United States of America. It has not publicized any information about its business, about its team and offices. In our extensive and thorough research, we found that Global Service Group is not a regulated body.

    Is It Safe To Use The Services Of Global Service Group?

    Global Service Group has been reported as a scam. It has been alleged of sending fake debt recovery mails to people. Also, its own previous employees have rated it negatively. Hence, it is recommended not to get involved in any of its business activities.

    What to do if You Have Been Scammed by Global Service Group?

    If you have fallen prey to Global Service Group scam, you can avail of our expert consultation services on how to protect yourself from scams and frauds. Moreover, we also help through our listed fund’s recovery companies to recover your lost amount.


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