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    GGtrade Review

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    GGtrade is a Forex broker. It supports trade in CFDs on Gold and Silver, Oil, Indices, Stocks, Digital Coins, and Forex.

    Is Ggtrade Regulated?

    GGtrade was founded in the year 2003 and is supposedly based in China. The company facilitates business in English, Vietnamese, and Thai language. The minimum deposit to trade with GGtrade is USD 100. The company falsely claims to be regulated by the FMA (Financial Markets Authority).

    Is It Safe To Trade With GGtrade?

    GGtrade has earned a very bad reputation because of its unfair business operations and false claims. It has been blacklisted by the FMA (Financial Markets Authority). People have rated it negatively and have warned against trading with the company.

    How To Prevent Yourself From Getting Scammed By GGtrade?

    If you want yourself and your associates to be protected from the scams of GGtrade, you can take help our team to secure your details and minimize your vulnerability to the malicious intents of the company. Also, if you have been cheated of any amount of money, funds recovery companies listed with us can help you recover your money.


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