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    GemForex Review

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    GemForex is an automated trading software company for the MT4 platform (EAs) under the name of Gem Trade. It was started in 2010 in Japan. 

    Is GemForex A Regulated Broker?

    Despite all claims of GemForex being a regulated body on its official website, our investigation has proved that GemForex has got no recognized certificate from any of the legitimate regulatory bodies. Hence, the information on its website has been confirmed false and therefore it is not a legit platform for trading purposes.

    Is It Safe To Invest With GemForex?

    As per our research, GemForex is a big scam that loots the hard-earned money of the investors. In fact, any kind of deal with an unregulated broker increases the chance of losing money as it can go bankrupt anytime. Hence, we strictly advise avoiding this broker to make any kind of deal with.

    What To Do To Recover Your Money Scammed By GemForex?

    You can file a complaint against GemForex to any of the fund’s recovery companies recommended in case you have been scammed. They will help you in every possible way to get back your money.


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