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    GDM FX Review

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    GDM FX is a global broker providing online currency trading services, which operates under the brand name GDM FX.

    Is GDM FX Legit?

    GDM FX claims on its official website that it is a regulated company. But, as per our investigation, this broker is a scam and unregulated one. It has not got a license from any recognized body and this is evident enough to say that this broker is not legit to go for trading.

    Is It Safe To Invest With GDM FX?

    We do not recommend investing any sum of money with GDM FX. As per our FXM reviews, it has received many negative feedback. Moreover, investing money with a broker that is unregulated increases the chance of getting scammed. Hence, it is better to avoid it.

    How To Recover Your Money Scammed By GDM FX?

    In case you have experienced a scam by GDM FX, you have an option to file a complaint against it to any of the fund’s recovery companies suggested by us and they will help you to get all your money back. 


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