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    FXTM Review

    Risk Index

    FXTM, also known as Forex Time Company was formed in 2011 and it has its headquarters in Cyprus. The company claims to be authorized by FCA and it presents itself as one of the most growing foreign exchange brokers. 

    Is FXTM Registered?

    The information and the data we have gathered from our sources tell us that FXTM is a regulated and registered company. The company has established an online platform, but it is seen that the company has had problems with several traders. 

    Is FXTM A Safe Company To Invest Your Money With?

    No, we do not believe that FXTM is safe as the company might be involved in several scams. We suggest you only choose a company that is trustworthy. 

    What Do You Do If FXTM Scams You?

    If you become the victim of this company’s scam, you can give us a call and our team of professionals will provide you with appropriate tips to get out of the situation. The fund’s recovery companies recommended by us will also help you to get your money back. 


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