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    FXPB Review

    Risk Index

    FXPB claims to be an ECN/STP foreign exchange broker and presents itself as a company that offers over 200 instruments for trading. Moreover, the company takes no fee and provides leverage that goes up to 1:300. 

    Is FXPB Registered?

    After thorough research, we have found out that FXPB is regulated with CySEC, FCA, and many other regulatory agencies. However, it is not possible as these regulations only offer leverage of 1:30 to all the companies that fall under them. This leads us to the conclusion that FXPB is not legitimate. 

    Is FXPB A Safe Option To Invest With?

    A trustworthy company never makes false statements. On the other hand, FXPB has made false claims and it is clear that the company is not legitimate which also means that it is not safe to invest your money with this fraudulent company. 

    What To Do If FXPB Scams You?

    In case you get scammed by FXPB, you can give us a call to avail our tips, and advice to get yourself through with the further steps that need to be taken. Our experts will help you in every way possible. If needed, you can contact one of the fund’s recovery companies listed with us to reclaim your money from the broker.


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