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    FXCM Review

    Risk Index

    FXCM also known as Forex Capital Markets is the United Kingdom that provides a platform for trading of cryptocurrencies and CFDs. 

    Is FXCM Regulated?

    As per our sources, we have found out that FXCM is regulated. The company is regulated, but it is suspected to be involved in scams which leads us to believe that it is not legitimate for trading purposes. 

    Is It Safe For You To Invest With FXCM?

    No, it is not safe for you to invest with FXCM as the company is involved in scams and it is never safe to invest with a company that does not have a solid background in the investment market. 

    What To Do If FXCM Scams You?

    If FXCM scams you, give us a call and our experts will guide you through further steps. You can also get in touch with any of the fund’s recovery companies listed with us to get your money back from the broker.


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