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    FX Open  Review

    Risk Index

    FX Open is an online trading platform for financial trading and it was formed in 2005. The asset broker allows its users to go on with Social trading and Foreign exchange trading. 

    Is FX Open Registered?

    We have found out that FX Open is a registered company. However, we also suspect it to be a company that is involved in many scams, and hence, we have come to the conclusion that FX Open is not legit. 

    Is FX Open A Safe Company To Invest Your Funds With?

    No, in our opinion, FX Open is not a safe company for you to invest your funds with. We suggest you invest with a company that will not let your money go to waste. 

    What To Do If FX Open Scams You?

    If you fall into the trap of FX Open company’s scam, you can reach out to us for help and guidance. Our professionals will give you appropriate advice to go for a funds recovery company that can help you get the funds back. 


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