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    Fortitude Systems  Review

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    Fortitude Systems claims itself to be an expert in hiring the best and technologically doing IT workforce. It promises to offer robust hiring solutions for enhanced productivity of organizations.

    Is Fortitude Systems Registered?

    Fortitude Systems is believed to be based in the American sub-continent. The company does not tell about its headquarters but boasts of having offices in different cities of the United States of America. We discovered that the company does not reveal any information regarding its registration from any government recognized institution.

    How Safe Is It To Trust Fortitude Systems?

    Fortitude Systems has been tagged as a scamming hiring agency. Many people have written reviews about it claiming that the company holds fake job interviews and forces for outstation personal interviews. The cost of travel is also left unpaid. Hence, under such circumstances, such a company cannot be trusted.

    What to Do If You Have Been Scammed by Fortitude Systems?

    If you have been scammed by Fortitude Systems, our consultation teams can help you to resolve your concerns. Moreover, in case of any monetary frauds, funds recovery companies listed with us can help recover your lost money.


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    How happy are you with the service of this company?

    I was contacted out of the blue about this company and a position they had in downtown Chicago. I have worked at reputable contractors before. This contractor tried to pre-screen me by telling them my previous contractor’s client name. I felt very uncomfortable disclosing that, and even after telling the “manager” wh0 was trying to get me an interview with their client, was pushing me to say the name and telling me it’s a “scare tactic” that contractors use. I’m sorry. I’m not comfortable sharing that information with monkeys in the middle instead of the actual client at hand. It is very unprofessional how the “manager” tried setting me up an interview with their client, and they even denied me access to the client after I refused to explain away my previous client’s name. I fell very unsettled at this moment, especially since they were only trying to tarnish my reputation by getting information out of me, just like a hacker would socially engineer people to get information out of.

    They told me to come to a job interview in dc. They said they would pay for my flight and hotel room. I had the interview and never heard back from them. I called them multiple times and they said they would contact me shortly about my information. I filled put the form to get my money back from the flight but never did. These people have my credit card information.