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    Forex Macro Review

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    Forex Macro is a web-based trading and investment platform that promises huge returns to its clients through trades in various financial instruments such as exchange in foreign currencies and many others.

    Is Forex Macro Regulated?

    The website of Forex Macro was supposedly launched for both the United States and the European country in the year 2010. However, we conducted a detailed investigation and found that the company is neither regulated nor registered with any authentic financial authority.

    How Safe Is It To Invest With Forex Macro?

    Investing with Forex Macro can be highly risky. The company promised sky-rocketing gains to its investors. However, we discovered that it happened to be a Ponzi scheme. People have rated it to be a big scam and many reported losing their money to the company. Hence, one must refrain from investing with it.

    What to do If You Have Been Scammed by Forex Macro?

    In case you have lost your money to the Ponzi scheme run by Forex Macro, we can offer you guidance to strategize your fund recovery. Also, the fund’s recovery companies listed with us can help you to secure back your hard-earned money.


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