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    Fin-Tech Prime Review

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    Fin-Tech Prime is a Forex and Cryptocurrency broker and a trading name of General Media OU, located in Tallinn, Estonia. There are two more names behind this brand – Morgan Ltd., located in Bulgaria, and Morgan Holdings Ltd., located in the Marshall Islands.

    Is Fin-Tech Prime A Legit Platform?

    Fin-Tech Prime is not regulated by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority or Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission, which only proves that Fin-Tech Prime is an unregulated offshore broker. Moreover, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has issued a warning against the broker 

    Is It Safe To Get Into Business Activities with Fin-Tech Prime?

    Fin-Tech Prime claims to provide a good return to the traders on the minimum investment of USD 100. But, unfortunately, there are a lot of negative reviews posted online which proves it to be nothing but a big scam. Hence, it must be strictly forbidden and no trading activity should be done through it.

    What to do If You Have Been Scammed by Fin-Tech Prime?

    In case you have lost your money to the dubious schemes Fin-Tech Prime, we can offer guidance to strategize the fund recovery. Also, the fund’s recovery companies listed with us can help you.


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