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    F2 Trading Corporation Review

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    F2 Trading Corporation is an automated trading platform that trades in foreign currencies and cryptocurrencies promising huge profit on investments made by the traders.

    Is F2 Trading Corporation Regulated?

    Although the website is currently not accessible, it was learned online, from different investors that the website of F2 Trading Corporation is operated in Thai language and was launched in the year 2018. The firm was founded by Phillip Han and is non-regulated.

    Is It Safe To Invest With F2 Trading Corporation?

    There is no clear information available with respect to the financial assets in which F2 Trading Corporation invests the investor’s money. Also, many reviews state that it is a successor of FXTrading Corporation, which itself was a big scam. F2 Trading Corporation promised a profitable income through investments, referrals, and rewards. Moreover, it claimed to be based in South Korea but conducted its activities primarily in Thailand and Brazil. Both these countries have tagged the trading activities of the corporation as a scam.

    How To Recover Your Lost Money From F2 Trading Corporation?

    In case you have fallen prey to the malicious trading activities of F2 Trading Corporation and want to recover your money back, we can help you with the list of funds recovery companies that can help you recover back your invested funds.


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