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    Extick Review

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    Extick is a Cryptocurrencies broker that provides a Web-based Forex trading platform. It offers Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and other Cryptocurrencies for your personal investment and trading options.

    Is Extick A Legit Broker?

    Although Extick on its website claims to be a registered brokerage by KTFG, our thorough investigation has proved it to be an offshore broker that is nothing but a scam. It has not been integrated within the regulatory framework. Hence, this brokerage is not at all suitable for forex trading.

    Is It Safe To Invest Money With Extick?

    An unregulated broker like Extick has a record of stealing money and getting out of reach of the traders. It falsely claims to return a huge profit on a minimum investment of USD 250. Right after the investment, it stops responding to the queries and this is not a good sign to make any deal with it. Hence, we recommend not to go with this broker for trading.

    How To Recover Your Scammed Money From Extick?

    If you have lost your entire money dealing with Extick, you can report it to any of the fund’s recovery companies suggested by us. They will help you to get all your investment back.


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