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    Escuela Trades Review

    Risk Index

    Escuela Trades is a brand name used by the Escuela Online Trading and Marketing Company. It was founded in Hong Kong in 2009. 

    Is Escuela Trades Legit?

    Escuela Trades claims to be a registered broker. But our investigation has proved it to be otherwise. SFC recently issued a warning to the clients, since there is no authorization to provide service, as well as no one oversees the way the company provides its financial services. Hence, it is not a proper trading platform. 

    Is It Safe To Invest With Escuela Trades?

    Dealing with an unregulated company like Escuela Trades increases the risk factor of your money. Once the money is deposited with it, it stops responding to the queries. Many traders have also filed complaints against this broker. Therefore, we do not recommend you to invest money with Escuela Trades.

    How To Get Back Your Scammed Money From Escuela Trades?

    If under any circumstances you have been frauded by Escuela Trades, you can report against it with any of the fund’s recovery companies listed with us. They will help you to get all your money back.


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