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    EasyInvest Review

    Risk Index

    EasyInvest is an online investment platform. It promises to support investment opportunities in mutual funds, stocks, bonds, commercial papers, and different sources related to fixed income generation.

    Is EasyInvest Legit?

    EasyInvest has not disclosed any information with regards to its senior management, office location, and business operations. Its website offers only a login dialogue box along with very brief information about business parameters. We found in our detailed investigation that the company is neither registered nor regulated by any legitimate financial authority.

    Is It Safe To Trade With EasyInvest?

    Unfortunately, it is a very jeopardizing prospect to trade with EasyInvest in the absence of any information in the public interest. Also, it has not received any positive reviews on various online platforms.

    What Should You Do If You Have Been Scammed By EasyInvest?

    If you have been scammed by EasyInvest, our team can help you to guard your finances against any risks and hazards associated with it. Also, funds recovery companies listed with us can help recover your lost money from EasyInvest.


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    How happy are you with the service of this company?