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    Digital Market Xchange Review

    Risk Index

    Digital Market Xchange is an offshore broker. The company promises to offer high yielding trade opportunities in a number of financial assets.

    Is Digital Market Xchange Regulated?

    Digital Market Xchange is supposedly located in London, but it is believed to be based in the Marshalls Islands. The company is not regulated by any of the financial authorities or any other government-approved regulating body.

    Is It Safe To Trade With Digital Market Xchange?

    Digital Market Xchange is known to cheat and scam people. It also uses the registration credentials of other licensed companies in its own name. Moreover, FCA has issued a warning against Digital Market Xchange. It is recommended not to get enrolled in any trade activity with the company.

    How to Recover Your Lost Money from Digital Market Xchange?

    If you have lost your money to Digital Market Xchange, you can avail of the services of the fund’s recovery companies listed with us to recover your lost money. We can also support you with the consultation facility on being scammed.


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