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    CryptoNXT Review

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    CryptoNXT is a cryptocurrency broker that provides its customers with a diverse range of Crypto-assets. It also offers its clients to get engaged with Crypt mining and earn money out of it. 

    Is CryptoNXT A Legit Broker?

    One of the very first things a trader should lookup with a Forex broker is whether it is regulated and licensed or not. As per our research, CryptoNXT has come out as an unregulated and a big scam. It first asks the investors to credit a minimum of USD 250. Right after they deposit money, the broker freezes their account and the traders are left with nothing. Hence, it is not the right platform for trading purposes.

    Is It Safe To Invest Money With CryptoNXT?

    Many traders have given negative feedback against They have had a bad experience with it and that gives us a sign to avoid this broker at any cost. Hence, you are advised not to invest money with it.

    How To Recover Your Money Scammed By CryptoNXT?

    In case you have been duped of your money by CryptoNXT, our recommended funds recovery companies are there for you. You can contact any one of them to get yourself help for getting all your money back.


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