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    Cryptonix  Review

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    Cryptonix is a broker that supports cryptocurrency CFD trade facilities and promises huge money-making opportunities.

    Is Cryptonix Licensed?

    Cryptonix was launched in the year 2018 and is owned by an organization named Wilkinson Europe LTD. It levies a minimum deposit fee of USD 50 and a minimum withdrawal amount of USD 100. It facilitates trade over its MetaTrader5 (MT5) trading platform. However, the company and its trade activities are not licensed by any legitimate financial regulating authority. 

    Is It Safe To Invest With Cryptonix?

    Unfortunately, the website of Cryptonite has been taken down. Many investors have reported against the company. They have accused it of stealing their money and scamming them on several occasions and not complying with the conditions mentioned by it.

    How to Recover Your Lost Money from Cryptonix?

    If lost your money to Cryptonix or scammed by it, you can avail of the services of the fund’s recovery companies listed on our website to recover your lost money. 


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