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    CryptoGM Review

    Risk Index

    CryptoGM is an offshore broker. It is a trading platform that has cryptocurrencies and other digital currencies. The company claims to be a safe and secure platform for investors and traders.

    Is CryptoGM Regulated?

    While CryptoGM claims itself to be a regulated one, the broker has received a warning from leading names such as FCA, ASIC, etc. Hence, it seems not like a regulated or registered one.

    Can You Trade With CryptoGM?

    When it comes to trading, you must not choose a company that has already received a warning from FCA. These companies are most likely to indulge in fraudulent activities. Moreover, past users have already stated that the company has scammed with them. You should not trade with them.

    What Can I Do In The Case Of Scam By CryptoGM?

    In case of a scam by CryptoGM, you can reach our expert who will advise you about the step you can take. You can also choose a funds recovery company based on our expert’s suggestions. There, you can file a complaint to get your money back.


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