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    CryptoBitX Review

    Risk Index

    CryptoBitX is an online platform that promises lucrative money-making opportunities in the form of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoins.

    Is CryptoBitX Regulated?

    Unfortunately, it was discovered during the course of our thorough investigation that Crypto Group CryptoBitX is neither regulated nor registered with any legitimate financial body. Instead of offering any retail trade facility, it offers to earn through affiliate marketing. Each new registrant needs to donate 0.001 Bitcoin to the person who sponsors them.

    Is It Safe To Invest With CryptoBitX?

    CryptoBitX is simply a scam that is cheating the investors and luring them into an ambiguous money-making pool. Many investors have expressed their concerns for the money which unfortunately got deposited into the company’s Bitcoin reservoir. It is strictly recommended not to involve in any form of investment or trading activities with CryptoBitX.

    What to do If You Have Been Scammed by CryptoBitX?

    If you want to protect yourself from such scams and frauds, you can avail of our guidance and consultation services for the same. In case you want to recover your lost money from CryptoBitX, you can avail of the services of the fund’s recovery companies listed with us on our website.


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