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    Crypto MasterBot Review

    Risk Index

    Crypto MasterBot is an automated trading platform that enables investors to excel in forex trading.

    Is Crypto MasterBot Regulated?

    Crypto MasterBot claims to facilitate trading through selected and authentic brokers and offers a deep insight into the real-time market scenarios so as to maximize profit-making transactions. It also promises a demo risk-free account. However, in our investigation, it was found that the entity is not regulated by any authentic financial association.

    How Safe Is It To Trade With Crypto MasterBot?

    Risks associated with Crypto MasterBot can be gauged from the fact its website is not SSL secured and it still promises a secure environment for profit-making. We also found that people have reported the website and there are complaints against the company for jeopardizing the money of its investors and traders.

    How to Recover Your Lost Money from Crypto MasterBot?

    If under any circumstances you or any of your associate has lost your money to Crypto MasterBot and were scammed by it, you can avail of the services of the fund’s recovery companies listed on our website to recover your lost money. 


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