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    Crypto Group Review

    Risk Index

    Crypto Group is a high yielding investment platform that deals exclusively in the trade of cryptocurrency and also promises high rewards.

    Is Crypto Group Registered?

    Unfortunately, we discovered during the course of our detailed investigation that Crypto Group is neither regulated nor registered with any legitimate financial institution. It claims assured returns of USD 1300 per day to its investors.

    Is It Safe To Invest With Crypto Group?

    Crypto Group is running a scam website. It is cheating the investors and confiscating their invested amount illegitimately. Investors have posted their negative reviews for the company and have expressed their concerns for the money which has got stuck with Crypto Group with no further information about its recovery. Strictly advisable not to involve in any form of investment or trading activities with Crypto Group.

    What to do If You Have Been Scammed by Crypto Group?

    If you want to protect yourself from scams and frauds, you can avail of our consultation services for the same. In case your money has been seized by Crypto Group, you can avail of the services of the fund’s recovery companies listed with us to recover your lost money.


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