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    Crypto Genius Review

    Risk Index

    Crypto Genius is an automated trading platform where cryptocurrencies can be traded using smart metrics. The company claims to provide underground profit opportunities to its investors. For the convenience of the investors, the company allows all crypto investments.

    Is Crypto Genius Registered?

    Considering the reviews about the company, there is no lead that can state if the company is licensed or not. Hence, it can easily be guessed that the company is not a legitimate one.

    Is Investing in Crypto Genius Safe?

    Investment in cryptocurrencies involves risks and Crypto Genius itself states the risks involved on its official page. Moreover, the company does not present itself as a licensed holder, which is why it is not a safe option to invest in.

    What to do in case you are scammed by Crypto Genius?

    For anyone who has been scammed by Crypto Genius, he or she can simply reach out to us and our experts. We can provide you with the necessary steps and advice you can use to get your money back.


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