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    Coinpot Review

    Risk Index

    Coinpot is a micro wallet that supports a network of cryptocurrency faucets. It gives free virtual currencies for certain tasks to be completed by the users.

    Is Coinpot Regulated?

    Coinpot supports five different types of currencies i.e., Bitcoin, DASH, Litecoin, DOGEcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. It allows the users to visit different sites of the faucet network and complete the CAPTCHA to earn cryptocurrency. However, the company is neither registered nor regulated by and legitimate financial institution across the world.

    Is It Safe To Get Involved In The Activities of Coinpot?

    Coinpot has been rated negatively by its users. Many have alleged the company of cheating them. Some have even claimed to lose their money to the scamming activities of the website.

    How to Get Your Money Back if Scammed by Coinpot?

    Users are strictly advised to thoroughly review the privacy policies along with the terms and conditions of any money-making portal. In case you have been duped by Coinpot, we recommend you to avail the services of the fund’s recovery companies listed with us to get your money back.


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