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    CG Bank Review

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    CG Bank provides banking and financial services to its clients. The bank promises strong business ethics and smooth services.

    Is CG Bank Legitimate?

    CG Bank is known to be based in the country of Estonia. The website of the bank has been terminated and therefore no information about its business functioning is available. However, we discovered through different sources that CG Bank is an illegal business entity and was neither regulated nor registered with any legitimate financial institutions.

    How Safe Is It To Trust CG Bank?

    CG Bank is known to be an illegitimate entity. It has also been reported by various legitimate authorities. People have also accused it of cheating and stealing their money. Hence, it is strictly advised to keep yourself aloof from the bank’s activities and does not share your details with them.

    What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By CG Bank?

    If you have fallen prey to the CG Bank’s financial schemes and banking services, our consultation team can help you to tackle it. In case of any monetary losses, funds recovery companies listed with us can help to recover your lost amount.


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    How happy are you with the service of this company?

    Mother and I invested 20 thousand. He (Carlos Gallardo,owner of CG Banco only gave us back 9 thousand and has stolen the other 11 thousand ! I have recorded texts where Gallardo admits to owing us $10624.00 . Please call so I can explain the ambiguity in the numbers.

    Myself and My Family were Lure to come in an Invest in this so called CG Bank at 12% or a bit higher depending on the month Per Processor Josue Vasquez Wolf & Raven LLC doing business as a Processor for CG Bank and Alicia Cortez His so called Coordinator whom Brought in my Mother a Friend from Church!! They came to us with their pretty and attractive meeting regarding CG Bank and it’s Attractive incentives and showing all legit licenses supposedly…. Again all made up. But we invested practically most of our Savings seeing that it worked for three Months then they stopped Communicating and or given us stories of Platform interruptions and issues with the Bank but that It would get fixed and the payments would continue. It has now been 10 Months and Nothing. They’ve put us in such a bad position financially mentally and emotionally. If there is anything you can do to help Us Regain my families and my own money we would appreciate it. We have 6+ Contracts with him/them 😢 totaling over 300k

    Carlos Gallardo of CG Banco took my money for an investment scheme . He paid me only half my money back. Can
    You help ?