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    CFreserve Review

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    CFreserve is a Forex and CFD broker that uses the Profit CFD trading platform. It is located in the Borough of Lyulin, Sofia, Bulgaria, and is now owned and operated by Imperial App Limited.

    Is CFreserveTrader Regulated?

    Unfortunately, CFreserve does not reveal any information about its registration and regulating body on its website. Also, it has not publicized any information about its management. With thorough research, we found that the company has not been regulated by any legitimate financial commission.

    Is It Safe To invest With CFreserve?

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of negative reviews posted online against the malicious trade practices of CFreserve. Also, it appears that the company has got some fake positive reviews published on various online platforms. Additionally, CFreserve is neither registered nor regulated by any reputed financial commission across the world. It must be strictly forbidden and no trading activity should be done through it.

    What To Do If You Have Been Cheated By CFreserve?

    If CFreserve has cheated upon you or scammed you, our team can help you to minimize the associated risks. Also, you can take help from the fund’s recovery companies listed with us to recover your lost money from the company.


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