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    CFD Corporate Review

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    CFD Corporate is a Forex / Crypto broker that opened in September 2016 and terminated sometime in 2018. The company gives its investors a simple trading platform for CFD investing in Forex and Crypto Currencies which is known as TraderSoft.

    Is CFD Corporate Regulated?

    CFD Corporate claims to use an automated trading robot that takes control over the trades of the prospective investor. Despite all the big promises it has made, it was found that CFD Corporate is an unlicensed broker and not a regulated entity. Moreover, it has been blacklisted recently.

    Is It Safe To Trade With CFD Corporate?

    Investing with CFD Corporate can be highly risky. The company promised sky-rocketing gains to its investors. However, we discovered that it happened to be a Ponzi scheme. People have rated it to be a big scam and many reported losing their money to the company. Hence, one must refrain from investing with it.

    How To Recover Your Lost Amount From CFD Corporate?

    In case your money has been illegally seized by CFD Corporate scam, the fund’s recovery companies listed with us can help to recover your lost money.


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