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    CF Group Review

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    CF Group is a Forex and CFD broker. It is headquartered in London. It is subjected to posses two subsidiaries named CF GLOBAL UK LIMITED in the UK and CF GROUP LIMITED in New Zealand. 

    Is CF Group A Regulated Broker?

    CF Group claims to return a huge profit on the minimum investment of USD 5. But our investigation has proved it to be otherwise. We found that it is not a registered entity and has a record of stealing money from the investors. However, we realized upon our findings that it is not a licensed broker and hence it is not a regulated entity.

    Why Is It Not Safe To Invest Your Money With CF Group?

    Many negative reviews have been posted against CF Group for being cheated by it which suggests not to do any sort of deal with this broker. Also, trading with an unregulated firm is not at all reliable as such companies abuse regulations. Therefore, we do not recommend you to invest in it.

    How To Recover Back Your Lost Money From CF Group?

    In case you have been duped of your money by CF Group, funds recovery companies listed with us can help you recover back your money.


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