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    Cash Forex Group Review

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    Cash Forex Group is a brokerage entity that promises to pay high dividends to its investors by leveraging the technology in the forex and network marketing.

    Is Cash Forex Group Regulated? 

    Cash Forex Group also is known as CFxG, is the brainchild of Huascar Lopez and Edwin Abad. As per the website, the company claims to be headquartered in Panama. It promises 15% weekly returns on the investments made by the investors through its reliable and secure trading platforms. However, our investigations found that the company is not regulated by any legitimate authority.

    Is It Safe To Invest Your Money With Cash Forex Group?

    Cash Forex Group has received negative reviews from its users. Many of them claimed that the company simply seizes the investor’s money. Moreover, there is not any concrete information with respect to trading in different financial instruments and their money-making strategies.

    What to do If You Have Been Scammed by Cash Forex Group?

    In case you have been cheated by Cash Forex Group, we offer guidance to strategize your fund recovery. The fund’s recovery companies listed with us can help you to secure your money from the company.


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