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    BRFX Trade Review

    Risk Index

    BRFX Trade is owned by BR Consulting Group Ltd. It is an offshore Forex broker, which is registered in both St. Vincent and Grenadines, with a Financial Services Authority. The company is a popular trading platform that has its presence on some social media sites as well.

    Is BRFX Trade Regulated?

    BRFX Trade is not a regulated company, which means the company has no authorization or legal registration. This also makes the company a highly suspicious one.

    Is It Safe To Trade With BRFX Trade?

    BRFX Trade is not a registered company and hence it is not safe to trade with or invest your asset in. The reviews also suggest that the company is involved in scam and fraud.

    What Can I Do If Scammed By BRFX Trade?

    You can reach one of our experts who can assist you with important advice on what to do in the case of a scam by BRFX Trade. You can also choose one of our recommended companies to file your complaint and get the money back.


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