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    Blue Trading Review

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    Blue Trading is a platform that offers its clients the facility to manage their trading accounts especially in the trade of foreign currencies, cryptocurrencies, and commodity markets.

    Is Blue Trading registered?

    It was found that Blue Trading started its operations in the year 2012 in Japan and was owned by the BluVenture Group Limited. It offers two types of accounts i.e., the standard account with a minimum investment of €3000 and the VIP account with a minimum amount of € 12,500. It claims to analyze the client’s trading portfolio and subsequent profit booking.

    Is It Really Safe To Invest Your Money With Blue Trading?

    Unfortunately, it was discovered that Blue Trading’s services have been terminated by the legal authorities. It duped the public of its hard-earned money. We also found that the company was neither regulated nor registered by any legally authorized entity. Hence, if the company solicits any investment or offer trading services, it is strictly recommended to avoid it.

    How to Recover Your Lost Money from Blue Trading?

    If you or any of your associates have lost your money to Blue Trading, you can avail of the services of the fund’s recovery companies listed on our website to recover your lost money. 


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