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    Bitpetite Review

    Risk Index

    Bitpetile is a high-yielding investment platform that deals in the trade of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin and promises high rewards.

    Is Bitpetite Registered?

    Bitpetite is an unregulated and an unregistered entity. There is no certainty with respect to its founders and registered office. However, it claims returns as high as 4.5% interest per day on the amount invested by the traders.

    Is It Safe To Invest With Bitpetite?

    Unfortunately, we discovered during the course of our investigation that Bitpetile is running a scamming website. It is duping the investors and confiscating their invested amount illegally. It is a scam and people are complaining online about their money which has got stuck with Bitpetite with no further information about its recovery. Thus, it is not a wise proposition to invest in its schemes.

    How To Recover Your Lost Money From Bitpetite?

    In case you have fallen prey to the malicious trading activities of Bitpetite and want to recover your money, we can help you with the list of funds recovery companies that can help you recover back your invested funds.


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