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    Bitalong Review

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    Bitalong is a brokerage firm that states its world-leading digital asset trading platform that has independent service agencies in Auckland and Hong Kong.

    Is Bitalong Legit?

    As per the record, Bitalong claims itself to be authorized and regulated by the New Zealand regulatory body FMA. But according to our source of investigation, it is not legal and has not got any license from any of the regulatory bodies. Hence, it is not a secure platform to go for trading with. 

    Is It Safe To Invest With Bitalong?

    The website of Bitalong is found to be a clone of one of the authorized and regulated firms by the Financial Conduct Authority. The traders who spent money on Bitalong have given many negative reviews against it. Hence, avoiding trading with this broker would be more beneficial for the investors.

    How To Get Your Scammed Money Back From Bitalong?

    If under any circumstances Bitalong has scammed you, you can report it with any of our recommended funds recovery companies. They will help you to recover all your invested money back.


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