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    Binary Brokerz Review

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    Binary Brokerz is a Binary Options broker that was opened in 2015. It is owned by DSMG Limited and located at Victory House 205, Archbishop Makarios Avenue, Limassol, Cyprus.

    Is Binary Brokerz A Legit Firm?

    Binary Brokerz claims to be regulated by a well recognized financial supervision regulatory entity. But, as per our research, the given statement has no relation with truth and has not been given a license and neither it falls under the MIFID regulatory rules in the European Union. In fact, it has been blacklisted by CySEC in Cyprus. Hence, it is not a safe platform for you to trade with.

    Is It Safe To Invest With Binary Brokerz?

    Binary Brokerz claims to offer a good return on a minimum investment of $ 250. But according to our investigation, it has a record of stealing the money from the clients and returns them nothing. Moreover, they do not find any option to withdraw their money. Hence, your money is totally unsafe with this broker. 

    How To Get Back Your Lost Money To Binary Brokerz?

    If in case you have been a victim of a Binary Brokerz scam, you can report it to any of our suggested fund recovery companies. They will take all the necessary steps to get your money back.


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