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    Big Option Review

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    Big Option is a Binary Options broker which is owned by Time Line Group. It is headquartered in Conference House, 152 Morrison, Street, The Exchange, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

    Is Big Option A Legit Broker?

    Big Option promises unrestricted passive income. Users are required to provide their details to the website and deposit a minimum amount of USD 250 initially to start with the ad flipping earning venture. However, Big Option is not authorized and regulated by any legitimate marketing and financial authority.

    Why Is It Not Safe To Invest Your Money With Big Option?

    Many negative reviews have been posted against Big Option for being cheated by it which suggests not to do any sort of deal with this broker. Also, trading with an unregulated firm is not at all reliable as such companies abuse regulations. Therefore, we do not recommend you to invest in it.

    How To Recover Your Scammed Money From Big Option?

    If you want to recover your lost money from a Big Option scam, you can take assistance from the fund’s recovery companies listed with us. They will help you to recover all your lost amount.


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