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    Axiory Review

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    Axiory is a forex broker that provides the MetaTrader 4 and cTrader forex online trading platforms. It offers over 60 Forex pairs, Gold, Silver, and CFDs for your personal investment and trading options.

    Is Axiory Registered?

    During our investigation, we found out the Axiory takes its origin from Belize, which is known as an offshore jurisdiction. However, it is also revealed that the firm is not registered with any legitimate financial authority.

    How Safe Is It To Trade With Axiory?

    It is to be noted that the Axiory is neither registered nor regulated by any legalized authority. Also, Axiory reviews posted by its users for the services it claims to offer are all negative. It has been advised not to trust Axiory with our financials.

    How To Recover Your Lost Money From Axiory?

    Many users have reportedly lost their money to Axiory. If you have also lost your money to it, we can provide you with assistance from the fund’s recovery companies list with us to help you recover your money.


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