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    AvaTrade  Review

    Risk Index

    AvaTrade is a company that has created a platform for foreign exchange and CFD trading for its users all across the globe. 

    Is AvaTrade Regulated?

    We went through a detailed investigation and we could not find any information that could tell us if AvaTrade is legitimate and a registered company or not. Moreover, there was not much information about the company and hence, we have concluded that it is not trustworthy. 

    Is It Safe For You To Invest With AvaTrade?

    No, it is not safe for you to invest with AvaTrade and we suggest you select a company that is regulated appropriately so that you can trade without worrying about your hard-earned money. 

    What Do You Do If AvaTrade Scams You?

    If you get scammed by AvaTrade, you can reach out to us for help. Our experts will offer their tips and advice to help you with the process. You can also get the help of one of the funds recovery companies listed with us to get your funds back. 


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