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    AtomFX  Review

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    AtomFX is an automated trading platform that promises its investors to return high yields on the investments made by the investors.

    Is AtomFX Legitimate?

    AtomFX requires a minimum investment of USD 500 in RoboForex to facilitate trade on behalf of the investor. The modus operandi is that the investor links his forex broker account with AtomFX and the rest is taken care of by the algorithms. However, AtomFX is not authorized by any legal authority or financial institution to conduct such trade activities.

    Is It Safe To Register Forex Broker Account With AtomFX?

    Not much information is available on the company’s website. It simply claims to deliver 30% to 60% profits in a month by using hedging, whatever the conditions of the markets stand to be. Also, nothing is known about its founders and registration details. People who have used it, have rated it negatively. Hence, trading through AtomFX will be highly jeopardizing.

    What To Do If You Have Been Duped By AtomFX?

    If you have been victimized by AtomFX, you can use the services offered by the fund’s recovery companies to recover your lost money.


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