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    AstroFX Review

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    AstroFX is an offshore brokerage entity. It promises to offer help and easy trading facilities, especially to the new traders.

    Is AstroFX Registered?

    AstroFX is based in Seychelles. However, in some places, it is mentioned that the company is based in London. AstroFX provides training and education in the trading of financial assets. It has been found that the company has not been registered with any of the legitimate financial institutions.

    How Safe is It To Trade With AstroFX?

    AstroFX has been rated negatively by many of the reviewers. The company has been alleged to be a fraud that dupes people of their money by making false claims of making high returns on the investments made.

    What To Do If You Have Lost Your Money To AstroFX?

    If under any unforeseen circumstances you have been cheated by AstroFX, our fund’s recovery companies can help you recover your money. We also provide guidance on how to spot such illegal and malicious traders and avoid getting trapped in their scams.


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    How happy are you with the service of this company?

    My broker Aiden Campbell told me that my account grew the profit very large in such a way that I’m no longer a beginner level but in a professional level so now he said I have to pay $380 in order for me to boosted to professional level and I wanted to ask that how true is this because I just began and now have to pay again while haven’t received my profits that is scaring me a lot, I’m not saying I’m doubting him and I’m not saying he’s a scam but I am scared to lose my money please help is this true?

    CoreyDuffy24 messaged me in IG saying he’s an account manager at eProfitio then insearched his IG account and found out this astrofx. Offered me that my $100 will become $1,000 within 3 days then on the 3rd day it became $5,500 but when im about to withdraw eProfitio emailed me asking for an Account Upgrade that costs $850 so that i can withdraw my profit. My account on eProfitio has been freezed because i wont pay the $850 Account Upgrade.

    Hello I sign astrofx accelerated member course payed 3000 Euro first to signup i got a trading account “Live” account with 25,000€ from them to trade for them for 50/50 split after I had growth the account 5% I send my account to 34,000€ and requested my split which was 3875€ the request was accepted and they took the money out of my account and emailed me to send a payment method which was either BTC or Paypal, I chose Btc cause Paypal dosen’t work on my country I waited a week for the payment to arrived before emailing them which they responded that the payout will be made the week after that, next week I emailed them again and they said payment is confirmed to be proccesed following Friday which was not made after that they havent responded to my emailes.

    Contactect by a Girl in istgram, and she told me that this was a good investment , and i payed,. Small amount, on h’ers refferal link, and Then i Saw ir on my side, Then thet told they must have up to 5000 euro, i payed, and i could see my investment worked very very fast, now they want 30000 euros to astro,, and i cant withdraw money?

    I invested with them and was told I will get my profits but that didn’t happen as they said my return is more than I should get. So am told to deposit more money which I only could only afford R1500 instead if R9000. Then after that I deposited that R1500 with the promise that I will receive my profits. Now am being told to deposit more with R7500. Which I can not afford.

    I deposited R500 in their account and said after 2 days I will receive my profits. But there are saying that I should deposit another R5000 to make my account professional and receive all my profits.

    they are scammers i have lost 5600usd by promise that they will give high returns