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    Alphaprime Review

    Risk Index

    Alphaprime is a trading platform that deals exclusively with cryptocurrency trading, especially Bitcoin. It promises huge profits to its investors.

    Is Alphaprime Registered?

    We discovered that Alphaprime is offering 6 different investment plans to lure investors and traders of varying spending capacity. The company claims to be registered in Luxembourg, United Kingdom. However, it is not regulated by any authentic regulating body.

    Is It Safe To Invest With Alphaprime?

    It was found in our thorough investigation that Alphaprime is a clone of a firm registered with FCA i.e., Financial Conduct Authority. FCA has also issued warnings against the company. Also, no positive reviews have been posted about it on the majority of platforms available online. If someone still wants to continue trading with this firm, might land his money in jeopardy.

    How To Protect Yourself Against Scams And Subsequent Recovery Of Money From Alphaprime?

    If you want yourself to be protected against frauds, you can avail of our direction on anti-scamming strategies. In case your money has been seized by Alphaprime, you can utilize the services of the fund’s recovery companies listed with us to recover your lost money


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