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    AG Capitals Review

    Risk Index

    AG Capitals is a CFD, Forex, and options broker. The company is operated in the name of AG Capital Ltd. It claims to be registered in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

    Is AG Capitals Regulated?

    AG Capitals claims to be regulated but our investigation has proved this statement false. It has been found that the broker is not regulated and neither a holder of a license by any well-known regulatory entity. Hence, it is not a secure trading platform. 

    Is It Safe To Invest With AG Capitals?

    Many negative reviews have been found on numerous websites against AG Capitals. Many investors have lost their hard-earned money on investing with this broker. Hence, it is not at all safe to invest with AG Capitals.

    How To Recover Your Scammed Amount From AG Capitals?

    If you have lost your hard-earned capital on AG Capitals, you can file a complaint against the broker with any of the funds recovery companies associated with us. They will help you to get your money back.


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