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    Scam is a cryptocurrency trading firm that facilitates trade and investment in different cryptocurrencies such as OmiseGo, Waykia Chain, DANG-X/USDT, and many others.

    Is Regulated? claims to have started its services in the year 2017. It does not describe its business operations and profit-making strategies properly. Although it promises huge earning opportunities with a transparent and reliable trading platform, it still is not regulated by any legitimate authority such as FCA or ASIC. 

    How Safe Is It To Invest With

    Unfortunately, is a scam. People have reported the website and alleged that it illegitimately seizes the funds invested by people. Moreover, access to the site is also insecure. There is a high probability of your personal information to be jeopardized by the company or other hackers.

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    We provide expert guidance on how to avoid falling prey to any fraudulent activity and what to do next in case you get victimized. You can also avail of the services of funds recovery companies listed with us to recover your money from


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