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    72option Review

    Risk Index

    72Option was an unlicensed binary options broker. It is owned and recognized by Epic Ventures LTD. This company is addressed in Sofia, Bulgaria.

    Is 72Option A Legitimate Broker?

    72Option does not reveal details about its senior management. Moreover,  the world-leading authorities have given several warnings against unregulated financial services providers to prevent the client’s investments. Hence, it is not a suitable broker for trading purposes.

    Is It Safe To Invest With 72Option?

    Unfortunately, it is a very jeopardizing prospect to trade with 72Option in the absence of any information in the public interest. Moreover, there is always a risk associated with a binary broker and therefore, it is advised to take strict precautions before entering into any kind of similar trade activities.

    How To recover Your Scammed Money From 72Option?

    If under any circumstances, you have lost your money to 72Option, you can consult the funds recovery companies listed with us to recover your lost money from the company. 


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