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    2dots Review

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    2dots is a web-based brokerage firm that trades in foreign currencies, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies both for personal investments and professional trading.

    Is 2dots Registered?

    2dots is not a registered entity. It is believed the company was established under the legislative protocols of Vanuatu. However, it is not regulated by any authentic financial regulating agency. 2dots is known to be owned and managed by Webnet Limited which was incorporated in Luxembourg. 2dots’ website provides traders with educational guides describing trade strategies in various financial assets.

    Is It Safe To Invest Your Money With 2dots?

    2dots promises trade facilities with a highly interactive interface supported on cutting-edge technology and secured with SSL encryption. However, in our investigation we realized, 2dots is already blacklisted by Spain’s regulator CNMV. Also, at some places, it has been mentioned 2dots was incorporated in Bulgaria. Many traders reported their money being duped by the company in an illegitimate manner.

    How To Protect Yourself Against Scams And Subsequent Recovery Of Money From 2dots?

    If you want to protect yourself against scamming activities, you can avail of our guidance on anti-scamming strategies. In case your money has been seized by 2dots illegally, you can avail the services of the fund’s recovery companies listed with us to recover back your lost money.


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